A few questions from someone who joined ~2 weeks prior to season 5

1) Is it normal for ranked player to not have mics….in a communication heavy environment?

I played (read 'tried') 10 games last night and 1 player had a mic. Is it due to toxicity? If so my 2nd question is….

2) Why is there no report button on PS4?

I have had plenty of teammates who did have mic and were absolutely terrible human beings to myself and teammates.

3) Why do players run off as solos and spend 10 seconds in a fight and die. Then obligatorily spam their banners?

I get that there are people placed in certain lobbies who are machines and just destroy, but do they seriously believe they can do that everytime? I have been watching youtubers to catch up on the metas and sneaky strats and lore etc, even someone like BackOffMyJankz has his team within helping distance most of the time.

4) This is a loose question as unless its explained to you, realizing it can be difficult. Why do folks have such a hard time running loot routes? Why are you looting at my feet in slum lakes when there is another row of buildings running adjacent to me?

I was playing my first game of the morning while typing this, (mobile) and wouldn't you know Lifeline wanted to land Mirage ship. Ok cool. I see another 2 teams landing north side, so I ping south south to hopefully scrap some gear and then third party or at least contest. Wraith lands with me, Lifeline tho? Dives straight at the north side with the other 2 teams and dies near instantly.

Fucking leaves. Just gone. No chance to grab banner. Nothing. I had grabbed some loot and was halfway across when the name disappeared from the bottom left. I decided to backtrack and form up with Wraith who I find standing at the edge of the ship moments before disconnecting.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hryd1k/a_few_questions_from_someone_who_joined_2_weeks/

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