A Humble request to all the PLAYERS.

  1. DON'T join the game if you don't want to play/leave before game even starts
  2. if you are the jump master ping where you droping/listen to your teammates
  3. if you don't like the drop where 2 of your teammates are going and you go solo then you batter not die in 2 sec of the drop
  4. If you are down then have faith in your team they can respawn you just let them finish the fight.
  5. Ping your enemies before you shoot! so your team can help you before the enemy gets behind cover.
  6. i can't stress this enough learn to share (not all but most of the players do this) if your teammate need healable and is almost 10HP it's batter for you to give him a bandage or something so you don't have to revive him every 2 sec and can help you in fight.
  7. use you specialists when your team is in bad spot (don't use just for yourself)

friendly request, help new players and be patient, they don't know much about this game, you can easily explain them (if you get them a win it's priceless!! happend few times and it changes my mood completely)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cy1ebo/a_humble_request_to_all_the_players/

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