A Legend will die in Season 3. My Theory

I thought up this Theory last night. I believe by the end of Season 3 we will lose one of two legends: Blood Hound or Path Finder.

I will start off with Blood Hound:

When playing Blood Hound and looking at Path Finder his smile face on his computer turns to an anger face, which means obviously they have some sort of resentment toward each other from reading the Lore and in game clues. So, in Path Finders programming there must be some correlation of them hating each other.

In Worlds Edge there is tons of pictures of Path Finders all around, so I believe when the next trailer for the new season comes out a bunch of Path Finders will come out and over-whelm Blood Hound resulting in the death of they when trying to escape from this Island/World to another one.

Crypto is in the same "class" as Blood Hound and looking at the other Champions I see there are class similarities but between Blood Hound and Crypto their powers are most likely the same aside from their Ultimate. Crypto could seem that Blood Hounds abilities are beyond inadequate and will control the Path – Finders to finish off Blood Hound.

Secondly, onto Path Finder:

I believe Path Finder will die on this Island as there are multiple pictures of Path – Finders and possibly Path – Finder discovering whose the creator thus being satisfied.

The Volcano in the back, now we know Crypto shut down the barrier on Kings Canyon, now if Crypto could muster enough energy to make a gigantic EMP the Volcano will set off causing an over run of Lava and Path – Finder will try to escape with his grapple, but it will burn due to the Lava killing Path – Finder and he dies knowing his creator was and he gives us a Terminator thumbs up as he dies.

The EMP – if the EMP didn't set off the Volcano, the EMP will shut down Path Finder since the EMP is quite huge containing a lot more energy and range causing Path – Finder to be put out of commission for good and possibly allowing a new location to be revealed due "whoever" controls the Apex Legends game to move them to a new location.

That is my theory, as for who will replace one of these Legends, that is for another time.

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe out there, Legends.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dqbw1g/a_legend_will_die_in_season_3_my_theory/

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