A letter to those who leave the game early. Especially when I have your banner.

I want to know why. Does it put a smile on your face watching me run into a bullet hell between two squads to get your banner only for you to leave when I get it. Or me running outside the ring using up all my health items to get it.

Surely, your not doing it because it takes because your impatient. It will only take me like 10 seconds to reach the respawn beacon.

Waiting those 10 seconds is definitely shorter than the time it takes to queue up into another match.

I'm sorry that you were thirsted or finished, I was busy fighting the squad that YOU rushed on your own or running away from an airstrike. I am aware how much disrespect you feel, but the respawn beacon was literally right there. Are you aware than Crypto's Drone can instantly respawn you?

If I could get a reasonable explanation for why you are the way that your are and why you do what you do I would be grateful.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/in94hb/a_letter_to_those_who_leave_the_game_early/

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