A new Crypto rework

While Crypto is a cool, valuable legend, many would agree Crypto comes pretty low in terms of gameplay as he's weakest while using his drone, his only ability. As such, I propose a rework that'll help him in fights as well as make him more viable, even if not on his drone.

Passive: Data Knife Hack: allows Crypto to hack mechanisms and turn them to his side. (Any suggestions for things he can hack in the comments) Crypto and his teammates will see the enemy's highlighted through walls even if the drone is idle and not controlled.

Ability: Surveillance Drone: Press the ability button to use drone as normal. While the drone is out or on Crypto's back, press a button (Down on the D-pad on PS4) to send out the drone to a certain position to watch that area. Press the button again to make the drone patrol an area looking for targets. Cryto does not need to be looking through the drone to do this.

Ultimate: Charge up an EMP blast from your drone. Deals 50 shield damage, slow players, and disables traps. Also disables abilitys for 5 seconds. (much like Revenant) Does not apply effects to the user or their team, allowing it to be done in close proximity to the user.

Feel free to add anything in the comments, as this is entirely open to criticism or changes.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/i06yui/a_new_crypto_rework/

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