A new idea for dealing with people who quit, wraith ttv’s

So as of lately, the second a teammate gets downed they’ll leave immediately, it’s horrible. Many people face this issue. So I have thought and I may have a way to figure out ways to counteract, prevent, or discourage people from leaving the game before their banner is gone, or leaving while their team still has a chance to clutch.

  1. If you’ve played star wars battlefront 2, you know there’s a respawn system, this system works that you can spawn on teammates, unless your teammate is in combat. So what if something like this was implemented into Apex? If your teammate is in combat (shooting, being aimed at, or under fire) within a certain radius, maybe 100 meters, you can’t leave until the fighting stops. This would mean, your team either died, or they clutched tf up. But it also makes sense to have a radius because if someone rushes a fight far away, or they landed on the other side of the map, then it’s tough luck I guess

  2. So sometimes you die suddenly, you’re angry and you leave without thinking. What if there was a system where if you leave and your squad is alive, there’s a window in which you can rejoin the game you left. Maybe it would be a screen before you fully enter the lobby, so if it was an accident or a sudden thing, you can “redeem yourself” and get back in the fight. This could also help for people who accidentally leave a ranked match.

I’m a casual player so This won’t be the best, most in depth and thought out thing, but i think these two things could be helpful. If there are any other ways of doing this, or any suggestions, lmk

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hvj2sl/a_new_idea_for_dealing_with_people_who_quit/

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