A new perspective on what “content” really is

I am sick and tired of people saying that Apex lacks content.

As a long-time player of FPS's I see the "content" that Apex provides in a different way than the majority of this sub. Now to preface, I played Fortnite for 6ish seasons and never got the battle pass. The Battle Pass did not equate to "more content," just a different skin of the same content.

I am a level 70 in Apex and the only reason I would get the Battle Pass is to support the Devs. The skins, banners, and trackers hold no weight for me.

That being said, "content" for me is the gameplay, it's the movement across the map. It's the RNG of a hot drop, it's the jump-pad escapes, its the portals off cliffs. It's gold stabilizers on R-99's, it's running into Bunker with 15 other people. It's the occasional 12-bomb and the squad wipes. It's arc-starring squads on loot-boxes and wiping out fourth-parties after third parties.

THIS IS THE CONTENT. Please stop whining about lackluster Character Skins and limited game modes and appreciate the game for its most interesting content — THE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bp44yk/a_new_perspective_on_what_content_really_is/

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