A new stealth class? First character concept..

So I was looking at the characters on apex and I noticed there wasn't really anyone suited for the way I play (stealth) and yes…. I know that's not how this game is meant to be played, but it's how I like to play. The feeling I get when I'm hiding and a team run past inches away and dont notice me… Its fun for me. So my idea would be a new class… Like recon/damage/support… But stealth! I know it's a long shot but I feel a character like the one I'm about to explain could be cool for people with my kinda play style. So…

Name: Shadow
Class: Stealth
Appearance: Female robot

Passive: Performing Finishers shows the location of the remaining team mates.

Tactical: press L1 to hack your own systems, temporarily hiding yourself from scans in exchange for health.

Ultimate: Create an area that moves with the player, hiding all allies inside the area.

My idea behind Shadow is that a stealth player can have a little more advantage. The passive would give insensitive for players to perform finishers on players and wouldn't be over powered as we All know how long finishers take lol.

Her tactical would work similar to octane how he looses health to use his tactical however shadow losses health gradually as she's using it.. The longer you use it the more health your loose…

And her ultimate is to provide a little team benefit as after all this is a team based game.

Thoughts? Thankyou

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iu4qtp/a_new_stealth_class_first_character_concept/

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