A Plat IV’s Apex Legends Legends Tier List.

Now, let me start off by saying that everything I say -Believe it or not- is my OPINION, meaning most of these picks have some element of personal bias. All the Legends are viable in their own ways.

These rankings might seem odd, but this is from my experience on Console ranked. Im going Best to Worst, while giving my reasons for why I think a Legend is in a certain tier. Although they're classified in tiers, the characters in the tiers are in no particular order. Enjoy the Tier list!

S Tier


Gibraltor, honestly, is the most versitile legend in the game. His Ultimate, not too different -But definitely better- than bangalore's, can be used both offensively aswell as defensively, to flush out enemies, or to create distance between yourself, and them. He's got a bubble, once again can be used offensively and defensively, to help push out of a tricky situation and to re-position, aswell as to cover yourself, and use fast heal and fast revive. He's honestly got too many perks, and not enough disadvantages. Also, mentioning his arm Shield, which gives him an additional 75HP, essentially giving him 3 extra bars of shields- basically blue armour.


Okay, okay; I know Pathfinder isn't what he used to be, BUT- hear me out. Even with Pathfinder's Grapple going from 15 to 30 (Or 35, I cant remember) seconds, his passive, allows you to interact with beacons to know where the circle is headed, and his ultimate enables you, and your squad to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, aswell as traverse the map quicker with your team, which, in some instances, can be a game changer, and could mean the difference between life and death. Even his tactical, although extremely nerfed, can still help you re position, if you're in a sticky situation, take the high ground, and get into the circle. For these reasons; Pathfinder is definitely S Tier.


Wattsons Pylons are amazing, in my opinion. You can lock down buildings with amazing efficiency, and camp the game out. Her Ult amplifies this; making her, in my opinion, better than Caustic due to the sheer number of pylons, and the area they can cover, aswell as blocking Gibby and bangalore ults, aswell as nades, arc stars etc. Her passive really compliments this because it completely fills up her ult bar. Once one is destroyed, you can pop another one, and with the fact that they can stack, she's amazing!


I'll keep this brief, because, let's be honest, Wraith has always one of, if not THE best character in the game. Her tiny hitbox, her void jumping ability, which makes her invincible, the versatility that comes with her portal, aswell as her passive which tells you if someone has a line of sight on you.

A Tier

LobaHer passive enables her to see high-tier loot at pretty decent distances, ensuring most teams with Loba are set early on -That is if you communicate with your Teammates-. Her Bangle allows her to take the high ground, get out of bad situations, aswell as could help rescue teammates -Be warned, from personal experience, I can tell you: It's VERY loud-. Onto her Ult, let me tell you, this is OP. It's great for getting a gold shield from the vault, looting hier tier loot areas, allowing your teammates to quickly grab stuff and go if there's too much loot but not enough time, giving your teammates a fighting chance if they just respawned, etc, etc.


Lifeline is overall an amazing Legend. Everything in her kit is just useful in every situation. There's no drawbacks to using her, and you will get several benefits every single match. Lifeline's healing drone helps teammates conserve heals, while being able to also shield teammates as they're being rezzed by her Healing Drone. Her Ult is also amazing, with a good chance of dropping Purple armour.


What I really love about Mirage is his passive. Not only can Mirage turn invisible when he's rezzing but the guy he's reviving will disappear, too. Not just that, but now he can control his Decoys to actually be able to Bamboozle enemies, aswell as his ult sending clones all over the place, making it hard to Pinpoint the real Mirage.

B Tier


lolololol never played him, but from what i see he belongs here


same as revenant


In personal experience, Bangalore's Tactical pairs great with a digital sight, allowing you to shoot at enemies, with them being none the wiser. She's also basically a better Octane, as her passive lets her become really fast in combat, when it actually counts. I don't really like her Ult and for some reason usually forget to even use it.


Bloodhound is honestly just very Balanced. His abilities are not anywhere near S Tier, but they're still solid. His passive lets him see Footprints, his tactical lets his scan for enemies, making him a better Crypto, and his Ult just makes recoil non existant, and lets him track enemies through anything.

C Tier

Octane, Crypto

For these two characters, they're not horrible, but other characters do their job, and still have an array of other abilities. Bangalore has Double Time, negating Octane's stim, Pathfinder has better mobility, negating Octanes Ult, while Bloodhound can do what Crypto does, but WHILE he's in combat, even though his EMP and him able to pick up banners with his drone is pretty cool.

🙂 thanks for reading

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