A possible fix to gold knockdown shields

So I made this post after having a game in which I managed to, somehow, use a gold knockdown shield to revive myself, get away, and use a Phoenix kit. Unfortunately I died not even 60 seconds later. But it got me thinking. And it made me realize that even when used right, it still is pretty useless. So I started thinking about solutions and changes for the shield. And then a pretty good one came: what if the shield increased the effectiveness of Legend tatical abilities? I even thought of how it could effect each legend:

-Bloodhound: Throws a pulse blade out in place of his general scan, takes longer to recharge

-Gibralter: Gibralter and allies can shoot out of dome, but damage is reduced by 30%

-Lifeline: D.O.C. drone heals faster but has longer recharge time

-Pathfinder: Grapple hook now has 2 charges, each charge takes 12 seconds to recharge

-Wraith: Using into the void gives off a very short range blast that distorts enemies but doesnt damage

-Bangalore: smoke launcher rounds are larger, last longer, and disable threat level scopes, launcher only has 1 charge

-Caustic: traps are invisible to scans and warnings and have partial camo

-Mirage: Psyche out has 2 charges, each charge takes 12 seconds to recharge

-Octane: Stim gives 40% movement boost at the cost of 15% of health

-Wattson: can place 4 additional fence nodes

-Crypto: When control drone, has a small shield that absorbs 25 damage.

Let me know what y'all think and any other possible changes down below.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ddus8z/a_possible_fix_to_gold_knockdown_shields/

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