A solution to the player disconnecting problem.

We all know from quite a while there has been this problems of the teammates leaving the matches as soon as they get downed, without giving their teammates a chance to win the fight. They just leave as soon as they get downed. Sometimes they leave even when the fight is won and a respwan beacon is like 10 meters away from their deathbox.

Now obviously this is a serious problem that ruins the experience for everyone.

And I feel like there is a solution to this as to why people disconnect in such a way. Here's what I think :

Have a permanent game mode which is not Battle Royale. Something like a team death etch instead.

Now just lemme explain why I think this would solve things. To explain that, I'm gonna try to list reasons due to why I think people disconnect from the matches.

  1. Frustration. Apex is a hard game. Especially when you're a new player and the matchmaking doesn't help you.

  2. Trying hard to get better. This sounds stupid but think about. The only sense of progression in apex is you trying to get better at the game. I feel like a good number of people don't care about the battle Royale aspect of it(I could be seriously wrong here but this is just me guessing)

  3. I think matchmaking a small role as well. Imagine being a pro. Someone who is a master, pred or a diamond. If in a pub you get matched with a someone below lvl 100, you're just gonna leave the match and try to farm the lobby, and i get that mentality. Everyone is just trying to play their own way but this huge disconnect in matchmaking adds to the frustration I think.

And think about it, what does a person that disconnects from the game do next, he joins another match.

I know adding such a mode could create huge problems like how the competitive scene is purely Battle Royale. Pro players would definitely want something like a TDM (Basically something that isn't a BR to avoid RNG bad luck) and the ongoing ALGS will probably suffer.

I'm just trying to give a suggestion that maybe could be only half an idea but an idea nonetheless which might benefit the game maybe idk.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/j0dncx/a_solution_to_the_player_disconnecting_problem/

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