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Evening all, this is a something that grinds my gears a little and I believe would make a nice QOL upgrade as well, it's something I've been cooking up for a while so this may be a long one but I hope some people see it and can also leave their views for others to see.

Like the monetization in this game, Ability Customization would be purely Cosmetic, so I'm not talking about a perk or mod that increase recharge time or duration; just a little flair or colour change to personalise things a bit more.

Lets take Bangalore, no matter what skin you have equipped, her Smoke Launcher remains White; would it not be more satisfying if depending on your skin, your Launcher changes as well? If I equip 'The Enforcer' giving her a Police SWAT makeover, It would be way cooler if her Launcher also got that SWAT decal as well; the 'Mint Condition' skin which is a modified version of 'The Enforcer' gives her a cool toxic Green base colour, which would also look amazing if applied to the Launcher as well. Crypto's Drone is another example, Drone is always the same White and Green from Crypto's original skin, but if you equip 'Hired Gun' it'd look better if it was a nice sleek Black with a Gold trim like his Jacket and Jump pack; I personally use 'Winters Grasp', an Icy redo of 'Rising Phoenix', and would love it if the Drone matched the Pale Blue base.

I also think some Ultimate abilities could be Customizable as well; Rampart's Sheila could have a Colour change to match her skin, Pathfinder's Ziplines could also have the posts colours changed depending on the skin and Wattson's Pylons already change their appearance on her back depending on which Legendary skin you have equipped so it'd be nice if that was reflected on the deployed Pylon.

Customization could also not just be limited to the colour scheme of the skin, it could be another level of personalising your Legend. Loba's Black Market staff could be nicely engraved in a style of your choosing, Lifeline's D.O.C and Care Package could have a series of stickers or posters on them to give them that extra flair. Octane's Jump pads could also have a decal on them, Rampart's Amped Cover is practically begging to have a Taunt or Graffiti slapped on it once it's put up and facing your enemies.

Some Legends obviously don't really have something physical that can decorated, Mirage's Holograms already copy the skin and now taunt you if you shoot them which is a nice touch and definitely part of his character, I think it'd be nice if they also let off a little holographic confetti or a voice line of your choosing when they do get shot though. Bloodhound's Scan and Beast mode aren't something you could really customize either, the Gauntlet could have some sort of runes painted on that when the Scan is fired the runes also appear in the Scan wave? whereas Beast of the Hunt couldn't get much more than maybe a voice line of your choosing.

Wraiths Void Jump and Portals admittedly aren't really something you can change cosmetically, you could customize the Gauntlet and hand movement a bit but as for the Void effects all you could really do is change what you see when travelling in the Void but that's all I can think of.

I'll leave it at that as I don't want people to spend all their time reading my ramblings, though if you made it this far then I congratulate you on putting up with them. I think they're all little things that aren't the most important and may actually be difficult to implement but it's those little things I think people can appreciate the most, I think most people have heard of how they're removing 'that one tree' or the time when getting rid of the Mozambique you'd violently throw it away so I do believe the Devs try to listen to their community and take ideas on board and I hope maybe some of them and some of the community agree that there may be some more potential to further personalise our Legends with something like this.

Thanks all

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