According to the leaked dev post – top 2.5% solo players are matched with top 33.7%-18.8% players and then matched against top 0.2% pre-made teams.

How is that even remotely fair? Why is Respawn happy with this?

And the title is no exaggeration – In 7 days of ranked play at D4-3 I have had 2 Diamond IV teammates. 7 days. Literally everyone else has been Plat IV and Gold IV. Even matching with G/P 3-1 players is extremely rare. I've maybe had 10-15 teammates total past P4 and I'm playing all day during peak NA hours.

This is the reason I quit the last two ranked series after a week or two. It's impossible to rank up when you're essentially 1v3+ in every fight. I keep coming back thinking things will change but they don't.

Gold players should never be in a pred-dominated lobby. Plat 2+ MAYBE but even they'll be farmed for RP most of the time.

And before you say "LFG" – I have used LFG but that's a band-aid fix for the larger issue of forcing low RP players against the best in the world just for queue times.

Who is honestly happy with this system?


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