“Always be Closing” is a great game mode that needs parts of it implemented to the main game mode

TLDR at the bottom.

I have been lurking for a good while and have read a few discussions on here on how to balance some aspects of the game. Yes most of it is confirmation bias such as "how is it i land and get grey armor no shields when my opponents instantly have purple". These kinds of comments are reactionary to their unfortunate situation and add to the confirmation bias we see a lot on this sub, but it cant be completely dismissed as such; there is obviously some gripes that a lot of people have when it comes to this game.

I know the new LTM isnt the most exciting compared to other LTM's, but when i played it I felt like this is how normal Apex should be. Allow me to clarify

I loved that everyone dropped with an Evo Shield and had to work to get it upgraded. No more landing and either a teammate snags a blue shield right from under you or having an unfair fight with an enemy cause they have a purple and all you have is a grey. This makes everyone more agressive and it is very rewarding should you manage to kill a good player amd you can swap your level 2 shield for their level 4. This also frees up the loot pool for more attachments, shield cells, ammo etc.

We all start with a Mozambique, I am mostly fine with this since at least you can put up more of a fight than with just your fists when you land. Sure, an R99>Mozambique, but its at least a fight that can be won since there is no shield advantage when landing and searching for loot. Maybe it can be changed so that you start off with either a p2020 or mozambique, or everyone can start off with 1 gun of there choice from the ground pool of weapons. Maybe this isnt the best solution but it can at least mitigate those unfortunate drops where all you get is a wingman with light ammo and the enemy gets a kitted out R301.

I thought it was awesome that all the supply ships and care packages drop at the start of the match. I feel it makes more locations, even the unnamed ones, more viable to land at if it means theres a care package to loot or supply ship to scavenge. On top of more places to land, youll be constantly running through a lot of landmarks anyway which means even more loot to pick up on your way to the endgame.

-The Ring
I personally prefer knowing where the last ring will close at the beginning of the match. I like that since the ring is always closing no one can indefinetly camp in any one location, except for the last ring. And if youre camping at the ring, youre at an advantage for being able to have the defensive upper hand; but youre at a disadvantage due to most likely not having enough loot for everyone on your team. Also, assuming most people landed away from the final ring, youll have an evo shield that will stay in the grey.

So those are my thoughts for why this game mode should have its unique mechanics transplanted to the main game. I know it doesnt fix the third party issue inate in battle royales not does it address the lack of gold shields, but that can be a discussion in another post if people are interested in discuasing that.

TLDR: Keep the evo shield and mozambique when starting the match (consequently removing all other shuelds in game). Have care packages drop at once and supply ships come at start. Make the ring always move…basicallly make this LTM the normal mode, it makes the fame feel more fair and fun (to me personally).

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/i9b62v/always_be_closing_is_a_great_game_mode_that_needs/

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