Am I Alone?

You know I'm not one to keep my opinion quiet, definitely a loud mouth but I'm confused, how on earth does it seem like everyone has a problem with "SBMM" but I dont seem to notice anything? Am I a potato being put with potatoes, is that why I cant tell? Is it all an over exaggeration from a few handfuls of loud people? I have noticed some crazy plays in some lobbies but no more then usual… who knows maybe I'm dumb and it is new and maybe I'm just getting better, but for the amount of crying, whining, and "quitting apex for good" posts I cant really see how this is that big of a deal. Hell, my win rate is even on a incline rn, so it cant be that bad.

Oh I play console and have about a 1.2 kd in lifetime and 1.3 this season, I'm no god predator.

Edit: this is my personal opinion, people may be having a rough time and I sympathize I used to also rage being a nublet compared to the gods, but throwing a tantrum, yelling at dev's, acting like children who havent had nap time doesnt seem to be a productive way to fix a system you have a problem with. Adults dont ask kids for adult advice, so if you want to be heard and listened to maybe go about your whining in a more mature, thoughtful way

2nd Edit: disliking all my comments because you disagree with my perspective only further pushes me into believing that you care more about attention and less about fixing the actual problem


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