Am I the asshole in this situation?

The jumpmaster didn't ping a location

I ping a location (salvage)
Salvage was roughly 400m away from the dropship route

Jumpmaster octane says nothing

Squadmate wattson agrees to jump salvage

Octane still says nothing

I decide to solo-drop salvage, since I prefer a slightly longer drop than some people (900m)

I assumed that octane was maybe just a bit inexperienced at jumping and was waiting for the dropship to pass closer to salvage.

About 5 seconds before landing I realise octane isn't jumping.

Octane pings no alternate location for me to abort to.

Octane lands slum lake with wattson following.

I die in a 1v3 at salvage

Octane never pinged his landing spot.

After I die octane calls me an idiot for solo dropping.

Wattson has no mic and no text chat, so remains silent

I've tried to present the events as matter-of-factly as possible to eliminate any bias.

Sorry if this reads a little too much like a 4chan post


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