Am I the only one that wants Solo’s?

Before you go to the comment section hear me out, solo's can be a great addition if they:

  • Bring back dummies and remove all abilities
    • Alternatively bring in a Pilot or Grunt from TiF2 and give us Grapple (or no abilities at all)
      • Sell us unique Pilot skins, different helmets, different grunt styles, cammos, you name it
    • We can even create a custom loadout for Solo lobby, let us pick a tactical ability from TiF2, the main thing here is that Pilots should all have the SAME HITBOX.
  • Add Crossplay to increase the player pool (Console only, sorry PC players you guys have a bunch of cheaters and KBM is far superior).

And that's it, that is all we need for Solo's to be a success, think about the added value of choice and the amount of revenue Respawn/EA can make by selling Pilot skins, not to mention this can bring in players that don't like the abilities or team based modes, there are tons of streamers/pros that have quit Apex because it lacks a solo mode.

We can all agree that SBMM feels bad most of the time, being stuck with someone that just veers of, or someone that loots for 30 minutes then dies in the 1st fight is annoying, especially when you get thrown into high skill cap lobbies.

Adding solo's will not get rid of or diminish the fun people have playing Squads and Duo's, the people that like playing as a specific champion and with their friends or pubs will still do that. All adding solo's does is catering to a larger audience and potentially helping Apex grow.


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