An conventional concern of mine (pov from a lonely soul)

So i have been thinking of a few things….. Feel free to share your wisdom ☺️ ( and no I can't play with people because i have no mic or a headphone 😔)

As apex is through and through a team based game, its really frustrating when teammates quite right after they go down and have to play hide and seek while waiting for 3rd partying till death tear us apart!!
There should at least be a little abandoned penalty for this, because playing pubs can really be frustrating when (a hypothetical scenario) a wraith player landing on fragment east, who can easily get out of a fight with her Q but gets down eventually and quit the game, while me playing a gibby or anyone else who doesn't have that kind of get out of "jail free Q" trying to find a gun to help my teammates just to continue the game for a little longer!
Conclusion: not everyone have the same abilities!!

Ever since ranked started (s2) i have been stucked in plat4, which I feel like the lonely persons club. And if this goes on for any longer i might as well stop playing ranked and i don't actually know what to do about it, i know a lot of people being in the same situation, idk how long this will go on before these players just gets enough of this.mayb there can be some other ways to mix things up.
And truth be told the only reason I play ranked because the teammates don't quite the game after going down.

server lag issue is another concern of mine. I ha e so little knowledge about how server works but whenever there's like more than 2/3 team fighting at a place (mostly fragment east on that(!!!) building server really starts to c***on its pants, while that wraith teammate void's away, path swings away and me being me, trying to find a gun in that laggy-ness, drop dead, awaiting recovery, squad eliminate, leave game, yes, space, space, space, ready, matchmaking, select, champion squad, jump on fragment east with my wraith teammate…..

I.e. this post is not a rant about wraith! She still is my favourite legend since the game came out, i have had 2000+ hours in this game, so i just made my point using wraith as an example ( she is the most picked legends btw). This is about quiting the game before squads gets eliminated. It would be great if you see my point here. Thanks 😐😐😐


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