An idea to help get Apex out of the camper meta.

I think it is safe to say that many of us love Apex for bringing fast paced gameplay with unique and smooth movement to the BR genre. However, with the way things have been progressing after we got ranked and Wattson, it has become by far the best strategy to avoid fights and camp as hard as possible to go for the win. This makes the game slow and boring while also punishing anyone who does not conform to this play style.

So with season 3 coming up we will likely get the Repulsor repaired, Leviathans and flyers out of the map and a whole bunch of new construction. Probably too late, but this would be an excellent opportunity to introduce some infrastructure that prevents camping.

My idea would be to construct recon beacons all over the map, spread out similarly to how balloons and respawn beacons are currently spread out. Now what these beacons would do is exactly as they sound, they would give you information about player locations on the map for a specific area.

An example for two beacon locations near skull town:

Now these beacons would be out in fairly open areas and take some time to activate, say 10 seconds. After which they would give you and your team recon information for the area for say 2 or 3 minutes. Information would update every 15 seconds and you would get information dependent on how quickly other players are moving through the area. When a beacon is activated there would also be a sound queue so that players in the area know that someone has scanned the area. Beacons would have unlimited use so you can scan for info at any point in the match. Depending on player movement they would generate a vague heat map of player movement with sitting completely still counting as constantly stepping on the same spot.

If players are sprinting full speed through an area they will not show up on the recon map, it is your job to look out for them the same as anyone would do now. If a team is patrolling a compound or say skull town roofs, but moving around a fair bit you would get a vague indication that someone is there.

Example of patrolling skull town:

Now if someone is camping a specific building with Wattson traps and Caustic traps you would get a far more specific indicator that shows people are in this room camping.

Example of room camping:

And finally, if someone is sitting in a tree, bush, corner or something and not moving at all, you would get a very specific indicator that pinpoints the player's exact location.

Example of bush camping:

Now of course this wouldn't help with people who are camping buildings in the final circles and being obvious about it, but I think the bigger problem is people hiding to just get away from fights. This would allow people to know where people who aren't engaging are and push them if they are aggressive players. This is a rough idea, so perhaps recon areas can be bigger or more common so that there is more overlap. This way you don't have to go to a specific tower (where people could be camping the tower itself) to get information on an area. Perhaps another easy change would be to remove barring from windows in buildings, so that there are more points of entry to engage campers from.

Just an idea, let me know what you guys think.


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