An indirect buff to pistols

So I've had this idea for some days now, as you all know pistols are pretty unviable in this game being used only at the start of the game when you have literally no options.
So what if you were able to dual wield them?
Now I know that sounds crazy but hear me out, this could actually buff pistols without really changing their stats, so here's the whole idea:
It won't be a separate version of the weapon or some sort of hop up, you simply have to pick up two guns, all attachments that you add will count for both guns so say you get a purple light mag, both weapons will have their clip increased.
Dual wielding would only take up one weapon slot and the Wingman wouldn't be able to dual wield (for obvious reasons)
This would make the pistols viable late game and also how cool would it be to just slide-by someone with double RE-45's.
Ziplining would only let you use one pistol and aiming down sights would give you a small zoom and an increase in accuracy.

So is this a good idea or not? Open to criticism and change ideas.


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