An open letter to the Respawn.

First and foremost,

If you value your brand and want to have long term success in the future you must listen to you consumers.

we believe that you (Respawn) are well within the right to monetize what you have created. We understand that you are a business that needs to make money, especially from a game that is FTP. However, you're current business model is absolutely predatory.

It's especially troubling that you had the audacity to talk down and belittle many, if not all of us in this community with their blatantly disrespectful response.

"But shmoopidy we're only human."

Yes, you are as individuals human. But Respawn as a whole is not. You are a company that cant afford to let your personal feelings dictate your responses. When you make comments like the ones you made in the previous week, you only add fuel to fire and turn people who otherwise would have been on your side against your studio.

"Shmoopidy most of yall are freeloaders, that's why we had to price the packs so high."

Disregarding the fact you're spitting in the face of the people keeping Apex alive, your response is total BS. If you had included all cosmetic items in the battle pass, and let's say only only one fourth of your audience purchased it, you would still rake in a whopping profit of $112,500,000.00, that's only from a single season. Seeing has how Apex is on track to have 4 seasons in a year. That would make a grand total of $450,000,000.00 a year. ASSUMING ONLY ONE FORTH OF PLAYERS BUY THE BATTLE PASS. Saying that you had to monetize it this way is totally B.F.S.

(My sourse for the total player count which is very conservative, and has possibly grown since its publishing)

Here is a snippet from that article:

A closer comparison is the Fortnite player count, which is now over 200 million and hit a peak of at least 8.9 million concurrent. As Daniel Ahmad notes on Twitter, Apex Legends is on track to get there fast – it took Fortnite 16 weeks to reach 45 million players, while Apex has beaten that total in just 4.

Respawn, we want your company to succeed. We want Apex to succeed, but your current course of action will only lead to more and more players not spending money in your store and to stop playing Apex all together.

I say this with upmost respect. Stop acting like total asshats and fix the mistake you made.


Your concerned consumers


Here is a list of studios EA has killed by infecting their games it predatory schemes:

Maxis (SimCity) – Purchased by EA in 1997; shut down in 2015. [Though EA says the "Maxis" brand will live on—and the studio currently behind The Sims continues to use the label—the Emeryville-based development house that served as the main descendant of what Will Wright created back in 1987 is officially no more.]
Mythic (Dark Age of Camelot) – Purchased by EA in 2006; shut down in 2014.
Bullfrog (Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper) -Purchased by EA in 1995; shut down in 2001.
Origin (Ultima, Wing Commander) -Purchased by EA in 1992; shut down in 2004.
Westwood (Command & Conquer) -Purchased by EA in 1998; shut down in 2003.
DreamWorks Interactive/Danger Close/EA Los Angeles (Medal of Honor) – Purchased by EA in 2000; shut down in 2013
Phenomic (SpellForce, BattleForge) -Purchased by EA in 2006; shut down in 2013.
Black Box Games (Need for Speed, Skate) – Purchased by EA in 2002; shut down in 2013.
Pandemic (The Saboteur) – Purchased by EA in 2008; shut down in 2009.
PlayFish (The Sims Social) – Purchased by EA in 2009; shut down in 2013.
NuFX (NBA Street) – Purchased by EA in 2004; shut down in 2007.

TL:DR: Commuinty mad.

Edit 1: Fix the damn servers, please.

Edit 2: please communicate your concerns and options towards eachother, and Respawn respectfully.


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