Annoying Things Bad Teammates Do

-Spamming quips / emotes while dropping.

-Landing on the exact same spot / building as yourself, especially if they can safely just go somewhere else (unless its a hot drop and they absolutely have to).

-Thirsting your teammates loot in general. It shows that you don't care about your squad or that you have no game sense. This is probably the most common form of toxic behavior in game.

-Looting for too long.

-wandering off from the squad and not giving a crap about positioning with your squad while not communicating a thing.

-Running of alone straight into combat before your squad has had a chance to loot anything at all and getting knocked in a milisecond. Bonus points if they disconnect.

-Looting your deathbox while your respawning, especially if you spawn close to it.

-Stealing the stuff you are crafting as soon as it spawns from the replicator.

-Lifelines when they don't rez when there is a clear opening for them to do so, especially if they than get knocked themeself. It's not hard hard to press R for a sec.

-Lifelines when they don't give their drone to a teammate even though they can and the teammate has visibly lost HP and is repeatedly stating "I need health" while punching and following the Lifeline.

-Solo droping in ranked (unless the jumpmaster is asleep and you have attempted communication).

-Shooting cargo bots while your trying to sneak up on a squad.

-Spamming the ammo type you need every 10 seconds.

I needed to vent a bit. I've experienced all of these things, some too often. Did I miss any? What is the most annoying / toxic teammate you ever experienced.


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