Another apex legend that I thought about

Ñame: upgrade
Passive: cybernetics, has a built in 1×2 zoom in when aiming down sights on weapons

Tactical: built in shotgun,shotgun that over time gets more ammo to hold up to four shots ( damage would be around 20-30 headshot would be 30-40 also starts with one bullet in the start of the round cool down could be 15 seconds for each bullet)
Ultímate: nano energy, shotgun does more damage and all weapons have reduced recoil and more steady aim ( shotgun would do 40-50)
Lore: Hammond robotics and the syndicate have tried to make a soldier/hit man to take the place of revanent and to also finish him, one day the person they were working on had gotten his memories back and had killed everyone and burned the place down with all the research and work destroyed he stilyl had his goal to destroy revanent and Hammond robotics he joined the games just for that reason

What do u guys think leave your suggestions


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