Another tier list…

…because there are already hundreds of them out there, but I wanted to try it out. My reasonings are below the image if you care to read them. I don't have a ton of experience with every legend, but I have experience fighting them or playing alongside them. I main Pathfinder so I may be a little biased, but I tried to not be.

Note: Don't take the tier list seriously as I don't have enough hours with each legend to give a competitive review of their kit. If I missed anything or if one of them is overwhelmingly misplaced I'll change it.


  • Starting with her Passive. She revives teammates and uses healing items faster than others. While reviving she also puts up a relatively hefty shield. This alone makes her the best support (considering she's one of the only two in the game currently).
  • Active next. Her healing drone can help teammates who were just revived, as well as offering healing in other situations like if you're in a long range fight and you don't wanna waste meds. It's a great active, but the drawbacks are that it heals pretty slow and enemies can use it as well.
  • Her Ultimate is essentially a lesser Care Package. It can come with pKits, meds, batteries, and tier 2-3 items like shields, helmets, body armor, scopes, etc. Of course it won't drop the best stuff every time, but it doesn't let you down as usually someone on your team needs something from it. It's arguably one of best ultimates in the game.


  • His passive only activates when you're downed. It leaves behind a decoy and gives you 5 seconds of invisibility. It can go well with a self revive shield, or if you think you'll be thirsted. Otherwise it's not the best, but not the worst either.
  • Go bamboozle! One of the most fun actives to me, personally. There's nothing like sending out a decoy and tricking a team into shooting it to reveal their location. Though some people that are very aware will see right through it. Another drawback is that it runs in a straight line making it seem less like an actual player. All in all though, it's pretty easy to bamboozle people.
  • Here's why I put him in A tier: his Ultimate. If the swarm of decoys isn't bad enough, he gains invisibility as well as a speed boost. You can turn a fight around by using this to either reposition and heal or push a team with a downed squadmate (can almost guarantee a win if you use it well).


  • His passive can reveal where the next ring will be by using survey beacons scattered across the map. It's like Mirage's where its not the worst but not the best.
  • The Grapple has a ton of outplay potential. You can use it to get up to higher positions (mostly what people use it), but you can also grapple around an enemy to shoot them in the back. You can also juke people chasing you. It all boils down to how skilled you are at using it and rewards those who ARE good with Pathfinder and can punish those who aren't.
    Edit: I wasn't going to mention this at first, but you can Grapple enemies to pull them close. You both can still shoot so use it wisely.
  • His Ultimate can give you and your teammates some really amazing mobility. You can use it to help teammates reach spots they normally can't and setup for a great advantage. It can also be used to push, chase or outrun the storm. It's like the Grapple where it can a lot of outplay potential, but the drawback is that the zipline can be used by enemies.


  • Her passive alerts teammates if you're shot at or if someone has their sights set on you. It's an okay passive, but very underwhelming.
  • The active she has is like Pathfinder's as in it offers a lot of outplay potential for people who are skilled with Wraith (I'm not but I've seen it happen and have unfortunately had it happen to me). It also makes her invulnerable, but enemies can see where she cloaks to and she can't see enemies or attack while cloaked. You can also use it to prevent storm damage, as well as other ultimates.
  • The portals are similar to Pathfinder as well, with a few exceptions that are honestly superior. She can choose where you put it a little more accurately than the zipline, plus you move from A to B MUCH quicker. Enemies can use them though. A nifty trick you can use with the portals is that you can move downed teammates through them to get them to better spots for revives.


  • Her passive is honestly on the lower end. She moves faster after being shot and it's not substantial either. If the enemy is a Pathfinder, Mirage or Caustic they'll catch up to you easily.
  • Smoke screen is a great active for covering you or your team for repositions or revives. It also does a small amount of damage, but it's nothing that good. You can also give some cover for pushing enemy teams. It's a solid active.
  • Her Ultimate can be amazing or it can be a waste; depending on when you use it and where. It's a wide-range, high damage and control ultimate, that has a massive drawback in that it can damage you and your teammates – plus it's a slow build up and can be countered by just sitting in a building or a Gib dome.


  • I would have ranked him higher, but I just don't feel like he's a strong contender with the ones in A and S tier. His passive gives him a heal overtime, only it's dreadfully slow and doesn't offer much use in combat. It is great outside of combat so you can save a syringe or two; or if you have another heal overtime.
  • His active is a massive speedboost that you can always use. It drains health as the price though. It can be a well-timed escape, reposition or pushing ability.
  • Another ultimate that's adds mobility. It's not as great as Pathfinder's zipline and it's equal to Wraith's portals, but it can give you some high ground advantage and a short burst of movement when you need it.


  • Shields while aiming down sights. It can be useful for sure, but against mobile enemies it's not great to constantly be ADSing. There are tricks to make it harder to get shot such as crouching with ADSing, but you can still get grenaded out or flanked. Plus the shield will eventually break so it depends on who's better with accuracy, as well as who has the better gear. It's a niche passive.
  • His active is the defensive version of Bangalore's where it shields your team instead of obscuring vision. It's great for reviving, getting a quick heal or simply shielding a retreat, but it forces you into a close fight or a waiting game. Not the worst active though, but it's niche like his passive.
  • Another Bangalore similarity, except it's not as widespread. It's good for forcing people out of cover or stopping a revive and possibly finishing a down enemy. Otherwise Bangalore's is a better version. Plus it knocks Gib down a peg for not having a unique ultimate, personally.


  • Our dedicated tracker. Arguably one of the worst passives. It basically shows where an enemy has been recently. It has it's uses and is still better than some of the other terrible passives.
  • His active is the only thing he has going for him, but even that isn't much. It shows where enemies are in a small area around you. It can help when you're trying to find where someone went or if a team is pushing you. It can show traps too so it can counter Caustic pretty hard.
  • A stim that gives you move speed and showing where enemies are. It's an okay ultimate giving you immediate information, but it depends on a lot of factors like when and where to push. Plus it doesn't directly benefit teammates like other abilities do and it can be terrible if you're not communicating.


  • This is gonna make a lot of Caustic mains angry. I forgot to mention a little hidden feature of Caustic and Gib is that they take less damage, but sometimes it won't even matter. His passive is probably the worst. It gives you vision through toxic clouds, but usually you won't need it as the damage numbers will give you an idea where enemies are.
  • His active isn't great either. He can place toxic traps around the areas. The best use is honestly blocking doors or giving you indicators that someone's close or pushing an area you trapped. The damage is kind of meh too. The traps can also be shot to either active or disable.
  • The ultimate is essentially a damaging smoke screen with a longer cooldown and a single use. It can zone enemies and give you vision of where they are, but the damage – again – is pretty meh. One thing Caustic has going for him though is that he's invulnerable to enemy nox gas.

And that's it – give me some feedback (preferably positive) and give your opinions of who might deserve what rank with a reason if you want.


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