Any Apex players out there with severe anxiety?

Just a vent post, I'm wondering how many easy wins have y'all left on the table because of anxiety? I just choked hard on the easiest 1v3 the game will ever give you in the final circle, last squad was potatoing hard in the fields west of trainyard, both my teammates are down. I see gib picking up octane and the third squad member is no where to be found. All I had to do was take out the gib and the game would be settled in a very doable 1v1. Instead I panicked long enough for octane to get up, shit the bed and flung myself into combat, put two mastiff rounds in Gibby's dome and got hosed by the other 2.

It's just really disheartening spilling my spaghetti because of something that's completely involuntary, especially since I used to be so good at shooters in the halo days. the longer the final firefight goes on the more I lose control of my hands, if it goes on extra long I even get a twitch in my eye, honestly I'm too embarrassed to even play with other people in the room.

So yeah, rant over! Let me know how you guys choke so I can feel better about myself! I'm all ears


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