Anyone else feel like they suddenly took a nose dive with season 6?

I will not respond to 'git good' comments.

I don't know why but I was doing alright with the game and actually improving ever since I started playing way back when the game launched basically, but then season 6 hit and all of my progress just feels like it disappeared?

It's not like I took a break before season 6 either I was playing p much every day right up until season 6, and then suddenly I'm complete trash. Like I wasn't good no but I was in high gold struggling to get to plat, but now I feel like if it weren't for the pity system of giving you points for top 5 placements, I'd be stuck in bronze.

My KRD has gone down significantly, and I've played well over 100 games, and only won ONE. Normally I'd get at least a handful of wins in 100 matches, and a whole lot more of top 5 but now I'm lucky if I even stick in a top 5.

I don't like just hiding and waiting for top 5 but It feels like this update is forcing that kind of game play, when I try to hunt other players like I used to I'm just getting jumped or 3rd partied a lot and I'm going down really fast – faster than I can react.

I don't think it's much to do with the guns, I'm not seeing a lot of devos now with the 1 damage reduction, and hardly anyone is playing rampart, and it's not just in ranked its in the game overall, in all modes.

I'm really feeling that time to kill now, but it just feels like it's too much? I'm really bad at tracking players even when on characters that can highlight like crypto and bloodhound, so if someone shoots at me first that's normally how I judge but now it feels like by the time I react to someone shooting me first and turn around, all of my sheilds are gone (even on purple or something) and im already at half health? or shot dead by the time I even line my sights up, and it feels like no amount of ducking and weaving will save me.

I've even ran away super fast, since I main pathfinder, and hid to heal up fully, only to again get nearly instantly killed (or instantly killed) the minute I join a battle again. It's like there's no counterplay anymore, whoever shoots first will win no matter what.

I guess you can say its supposed to be like that or something but Idk, it defiantly feels less fun and I'm clearly not doing as well as I used to before this update. Anyone else feeling it too?

I am open to tips and such as long as they aren't in the "lol git gud" kind of attitude.


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