Anyone else lose the sense of enjoyment with the armor change in Season 6? How do I get it back?

In my opinion there was nothing wrong with the time to kill, it was nice to have sustained fights and actual engagements. If I wanted to run around in silence and then out of nowhere get sent back to lobby in half a second, I'd play Warzone.

It feels like a slog right now. I'm a day one player, this has been my favorite game. But I'm really struggling to enjoy myself with the current pacing. I want to fight, I don't wanna mow or get mowed over instantly. But armor is too weak, and gold armor sucks… It's the only gold gear that's only situationally relevant.

I don't know, I don't think I'm jaded, cuz I wasn't bored in the last day of Season 5. But since then it just feels like a totally different game, and I don't like it anymore :/ Anything I can do to have a better time?


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