Anyone else sick to death of the lack of communication from the developers?

This game used to be so much fun when it released; impeccable movement, great gameplay and an all around fun experience that kept me playing for hours. But these days I can't even squad up with my mates without getting extremely irritated by the relentless bugs, constant stomping by the dogshit matchmaking and enduring the excruciating servers.

The thing that really rubs salt in the wound though, is that the developers won't even acknowledge these issues exist. It's been months and months, there is no fucking excuse for ignorance anymore. All I want is a single message that at least acknowledges that these problems exist. It's reprehensible that one dickhead who can't navigate around an inanimate tree can complain once on reddit and be promised a fix almost immediately – yet the thousands of us that complain about the actual problems the game faces are ignored time after time. I've straight up had enough, and I regret ever spending any money on this game.

So how about it Respawn? Care to do the very minimum and stop pretending these problems don't exist? Because until then, you're not seeing another penny from me.


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