Anyone else thinks crafting system is bit underwhelming? (Not in regards to weapons)

Okay, so hear me out.

Crafting system is really good if you want a good gun.

But here's where I see the problem: It's not made for aggresive teams, and it's not made for people who loot a lot too.

  1. If you play aggressively: This is bad for you because you won't be able to buy something like Respawn beacon worth 50 materials because most of the loot you had came from bins and floor.

  2. If you like to loot, camp and win: It's bad for you because you'll have to loot A LOT in order to level up EVO's to be able to survive people with red armour in the end game. It only adds up 100 damage to armor and takes 45 materials from that. You only gain 75 from one replicator zone (and maybe few from loot bins). So in order to level up to better armour, you will have to go to another replicator zone on map.

I think they should've focused on all kinds of players when adding the crafting system.

What I personally think they should do:

  1. Reduce the materials required to craft weekly items.

  2. Reward crafting materials per kill, or give half the crafting materials of the killed guy to the killer.

  3. Make it so you're able to evolve armour to at least purple after you loot one replicator zone.

What do you guys think? I personally like how the weapons are handled. But Is the crafting system working for you?


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