Apex and me…

I know tons of topics have been talking about this.

I know that this post is not the first one, not the last one.

I really love this game.

I want to test the new season !

I want to play the new char !

I want to feel the speed, the intensity of the new season


My connection is really stable (20ms, no packet loss) and i've got network issue icons really often.

People are teleporting often at the beginning of some games.

I feel angry when i see a cheater.

I feel that the report system doesn't work.

I'm spamming the report button when i see a cheater.

I can see some guys are high level, obvious cheaters but still there after weeks

I'm really sad for cheaters, i don't know how they can enjoy this.

I don't expect any change on this point for now.

I'm playing less and less due to that

I'm not sure that i will play the S2..

Respawn, EA, you have an amazing game.

You were so popular at the beginning

Please, concentrate on the cheaters and the netcode.

People will come back if they feel that the game is fair

People will spend money if they enjoy the game

People will tryhard if the ranking system is good

People will stay with the 3 points above this line.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c6b80r/apex_and_me/

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