Apex Commandments

So after posting the unofficial rules of Apex and getting reactions along with many others adding to, I have rewritten and hope this is what was expected in the end. Even for those who were toxic AF about the rules, still got some really good stuff to contribute to the final way things SHOULD go.

1.) Loot all that you can regardless of who kills who. Know what your teammates are carrying so you can help each other out along the way though. Pay attention to shields. If you have a colored armor other than white and a teammate has a white and you come across any colored armor, make sure your teammate gets that shit. Share the wealth amongst each other regardless. Some need EXTRA help along the way though. If your team wants to win, work together to make it happen. Looting is essential whether death boxes or supply bins. Late in the game though, loot very little, defend a lot. Keep your ears open for movements and running.

2.) Pinging upon landing and before deploying. You need to ping a place you're going to land or else your team will go elsewhere. Unless your watching where the enemy is landing, don't ping some place that you past flying overhead. Wide open areas, landing together is not important. Locations are known where supply bins are located. In cities and buildings, it's safe to land together or recommended to help each other out. Make sure everyone knows where you think you should land though. We can't read your mind. Therefore if you don't ping anywhere halfway to two-thirds across the map, don't expect teammates to want to jump together and go solo instead. Don't decide to go solo first chance you get to drop in on overlook because its marked high value and the rest of the enemy is going there and jumpmaster pings to go for geyser or sorting factory. Someone pings a place, check your mini map real quick. It's marked.

3.) This has become common among all. Choosing favorites. Choose who you want, but don't get butthurt when someone decides to choose your personal favorite. I love Bangalore, but I've grown accustomed to choosing other characters. I choose certain ones I don't normally choose simply because of challenges. I'm not a fan of Pathfinder, but I'll do the challenges required. No offense to Pathy. Someone chooses your favorite, have a backup always or two in case your backup gets chosen as well.

4.) Dropping in certain locations. Don't drop in the same spot as your teammate unless it's the tall buildings. Still pay attention to where enemy is dropping in, so if there's a tall building that your teammate is dropping in on and no enemy, you can easily drop in the building next to them and loot as well. I've noticed sometimes the tall buildings have a crap for loot, while the small building next door has everything everyone needs.

5.) If you can revive your teammate after they went down and they can get all their loot back, don't loot their deathbox if there is no enemy within the area. It's safe to loot theirs to defend while you bring them back, when they're back and they can get all their loot back, be cool and return their items. If it's still a hot zone or circle is closing in, feel free to loot what you must in order to survive until you can bring them back. Don't exit the game, if they can't bring you back without being it being safe on their own end. I've had to go a long distance just to bring my teammates back. I know where the respawn points are. No need to keep pinging them either. I'll get there.

6.) Don't loot the supply bins at the respawn point if you're bringing your teammates back. Open them up and ping items for them. Be willing to give up a weapon if need be along with some ammo. P2020 and Mozambique suck, but better than nothing.

7.) Not need to ping a hundred times that you're down. We know. We can see it. If we can't get to right away because of the enemy close by, we will get to you. Sometimes we have to hide out when we know we're outnumbered or have little or no ammo, or little or no shields. We're not risking our life to grab your banner right away if there's no chance in hell we'll survive. Don't just quit the game either if we still have a chance. If I'm across the map because you decided to jump earlier than everyone else or I'm in a firefight, I'm not coming to get you right away. If you decided to stay outside of the ring and loot and have a long distance to safety, I'm not going to grab your banner or risk all my syringes to save you. You had a chance. You decided looting was more important.

8.) If you have a mic, use it. Don't use it to sound like Darth Vader or if you know you're having a terrible feedback, it disrupts any other sounds your team is listening out for. If you have a bunch of noise going happening on your end, mute your mic. Turn that fan off that's blowing on your mic. If the mic is too close to your face, pull it away. If you hear someone breathing into it, be courteous and ask them to pull it away. Don't be a dick about it. They may not think it's too close at times.

9.) If you're a child playing this game, don't act like your hard and you're the greatest gift to gaming. There are adults that have been playing longer than you have and have much better skills when it comes to these games. Don't go cursing, using racial slurs or anything of that nature.

10.) Don't be racial or toxic AF period. It's a game. There's a fine line between trash talking and being an asshole to your teammates. We all have bad days and we have great days. We have a bad games and great games. If your KD is that damn important to you, find a team, stick with it and don't play with randoms. Randoms could very well change the outcome of the game in the end whether a win or loss. They may not make it. They may be able to win by themselves in the end. Be a team player.

11.) There's a huge difference between PUB and ranked. Know your place and know the game if you're going for ranked. These are usually those who mainly play with a certain character and are maintaining a certain degree of points. This is where teamwork is essential the most. If you really want to play ranked, build a team and go for it. Perfect your style of gameplay and hone your skills.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e6pvu2/apex_commandments/

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