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So im guessing it will be the same mode as the normal one. Just that whenever you hit Top5 you get into a "Top5 lobby" next time you search. I dont like that at all, because there might be people out there which dont wanna play more competitive so after they place top 5 you are forcing them to play a harder match afterwards. That could just means that lobbies are going to be even more dead later because people hot drop, because some people wont find the whole top 5 lobby thing fun.

As for someone who tends to get to the late game. The game is already slow at end with people sitting in houses and hilltops camping. Most time you will end up just shooting and running just to find someone to fight.
With this it could just make people less likely to play for the win/Top5. Which means people are more likely do stupid stuff or hot drop more often to prevent them from having a harder match after.

And whats the reward? The reward for placing top5 is a harder match after, but you dont get anything from it all. What if you do it x times in a row? Still no reward, then why do it?

However. I have another issue with this. If you play with a random squad and you dont team up after.
Does that mean that the next game you search for wont be a Top 5 lobby? Or does it mean you will queue with others solo players which also decided to go solo after a top 5 finish?
Im guessing it doesnt stack. So if you go on a 20x row Top 5 finish you will still face someone who have just finished top 5 once.

At this point why just dont make a competitive mode instead of forcing a baby version of it? Which by the look of it have zero benefit/reward other than a slightly increase of "fun" for who ever enjoy competitive match.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bwdd2u/apex_elite_queue/

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