Apex is going downhill fast.

I’ve noticed apex getting less and less fun for me. It seems like the things we have been asking to be fixed since season 2 still havent been fixed and the devs keep throwing these weird new reworks into the game that literally no one likes. Like the shields? why? who asked? for what reasoning? i still have audio problems on my ps4 i can hear footsteps from across marketplace, but when someone jumps from a rooftop literally right behind me, i suddenly have no footstep audio? dont even get me started on the volt??? you care packaged the r99 to replace it with a better version in the volt. i get it “everyone was running r99” then nerf the r99 dont just give it a new name. thats a bandaid, now i cant get away from the volt. im having flashbacks to when the havoc came out. Im not trying to dog on respawn they made a great game, but im not following why they keep doing these random changes to the game that seem to have come out of no where with no complaints about the previous versions of the game.

Also, nerf gibbys gunshield for the love of god. i get it he doesnt win in gunfights. probably because newer players use him most often for the added layer of protection. in straight up gunfight gibby vs wraith where both players are highly skilled, gibby wins everytime. its insane enough that a wingman only does 39 to the body of a gibraltar and then you’re gonna give him 50 extra shields.

idk i could be wrong but everyone i play with has this consensus of the game at the moment. let me know what yall think.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iksc7z/apex_is_going_downhill_fast/

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