Apex is great because you can win with “bad” teammates

I feel that when most people lose in Apex, they blame their teammates.

I would like to argue the opposite and state that the loss can be completely attributed to your own actions. In fact, I love Apex so much because of it's "One Man Army" carry potential. Unlike Overwatch, where it is highly team-dependent, you can have "bad" teammates (or have no teammates at all) and still dominate and win (it's just a little harder, but possible if you're good enough – can you say the same for Overwatch, 5v6?).

What it comes down to, is individual skill, positioning, and decision making. Did you have to engage in that firefight? Can you run away if you realize the enemy has a serious advantage (ex: high ground, better armor, more teammates)? Are you completely out in the open with no cover? Are you actually hitting your shots?

To all the people blaming teammates (and potentially asking for solo queue because of bad teammates), I would like to say please look at your aiming/positioning/decision making first before blaming others. Every time I get downed, I realize that it's my own fault and that if I had just done something differently, I would have won.

TLDR: I love Apex because you can carry if you're good enough unlike Overwatch where if it's 5v6, it's essentially game over.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bweou5/apex_is_great_because_you_can_win_with_bad/

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