Apex is the perfect platform for interesting weapons

Love apex..

For me it is the percent recipe for really interesting weapon types that the developers seemingly haven't implemented yet.

Unreal tournament was a gold standard for the most dynamic and interesting weapons type of all time.

Apex had initiated a great start with ballistic type weapons. The energy weapons in game just don't count as they don't have any distinct characteristics that separate them enough.

Amist hype of new weapons and upon the the arrival of the L-STAR we were hoping for a more interesting approach to weapons that fit perfectly for the theme and style of apex.

What about slow moving blobs that do high damage?

What about separate fire modes and more depth to each weapon further increasing skill and creativity.

Can you imagine how beautiful apex would be with the unreal tournament Weapon selection?

Having always been a clean and obvious choice I wonder if the developers were pressured into something more conservative by EA?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hcwnod/apex_is_the_perfect_platform_for_interesting/

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