Apex isn’t gonna last for very long, believe it or not

Apex doesn't feel like Apex anymore. It's like I'm playing a game which has a TTK of MW multiplayer. It's not even funny at this point. It feels like any other BR out there.

The meta is absolute cancer. A team camping high ground with 3 tripple takes and volts, no way to get to them. If they shoot first they win. Before this update even if someone had high ground there was at least a slim chance of outplaying them by a really aggressive push. So much for positioning by removing the skill.

There is no gunplay anymore. What made Apex so great was this. And they've chosen to remove that core mechanic.

Making guns like the prowler and hemlock, which absolutely shreds have been made easier to use. Means anyone, even a newbie can kill a veteran.

The skill cap has been lowered that it's feels like you're at the mercy their bad positioning to save yourself or you're gonna have you're ass handed to you. If I really cared so much about positioning I'd be playing COD like those neanderthals.

Not now, but in the future Respawn will realize what a huge mistake they've committed.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ihuroc/apex_isnt_gonna_last_for_very_long_believe_it_or/

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