Apex Legends has made me appreciate my first playthrough of Titanfall 2

I've never played the Titanfall series, I only know of it a few years back when people were talking about how good the game is but I never got to actually try it. And since we're close to Season 5, I thought to myself why not try Titanfall 2, and luckily it's on sale for $2.5 on Origin (not sure about actual pricing since I'm from Asia). I pretty much finished the campaign within the day since you can YOLO blaze through it.

It was surreal seeing things from Apex Legends; characters, guns, abilities, monsters and the sorts are scattered around Titanfall 2, though it probably should be the other way around since T2 came before Apex. Familliar faces like Pathfinder and Blisk was also a welcoming experience, well maybe not Blisk cause you'll know if you played the game. And talking about Blisk, is he the same Blisk in Apex? The Blisk in Apex seems older and more, peaceful?

After playing T2, it actually made me wish certain things like wall-running and the double jump to be brought to Apex, but I can also see how that might break the game's flow. I assume we'll see it be brought in differently, like only on a new character through their abilities. Not sure if I like the idea of having Titans in Apex though, it can be a mode in of itself like a Titan Battle Royale mode which could be fun.

If any of you are tuckered out from playing Apex, you should try Titanfall 2 just to add more to the lore. It's really short and sweet. Can't say much about the multiplayer modes though, it was super hard for me to even get into a match so all I did was customize pilots and titans, that's it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ghc85p/apex_legends_has_made_me_appreciate_my_first/

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