Apex + Muzzle Flash

My gawd, how people shoot through it is beyond me. It has to be the worse muzzle flash I've ever seen in a game. The game already awards those that don't think about positioning/tactics because you have high movement speed, high strafing speed, AND high ttk to escape the mistakes. To add to this you get a knockdown shield AND a respawn even.

Lot's of features towards allowing players to survive…why add a blinding muzzle flash to the mix? Why penalize ADS for mid-long range engagements which basically forces the up close hip firing madhouse that APEX is? I'm not even saying get rid of 100% muzzle flash but geezus it's insane right now.

I can tell you when I tested that config deal…my ability to drop folks was night & day from pre-config days. I can't tell you how many targets I've lost as they've gotten swallowed up to the blinding flash on my screen becoming bigger than the character I'm aiming at. I'd love to hear a Dev's thinking about why they decided that blinding ADS was a good thing in a game with high speed and high ttk.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c78smk/apex_muzzle_flash/

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