Apex Ranked and Hiding Players, Won First Place in Platinum Rank With Only 960 Damage Total


I got matched up with two players, who I think were friends from the way they communicate within the game, they were Octane and Pathfinder and I was Lifeline, my rank was Platinum IV but I don't remember theirs, the whole game all they've been doing was walking on the edge of an active ring.
found myself in the middle of a fight alone left by them at least two times.
the funny thing is that we got 1st place in that game. here's the stats


I got +9 outta of that game

Don't think the Platinum tank is that low, if such players made it that far then Apex ranked might not be worth playing.

  • It was a torture keep playing with them the whole game, couldn't leave cuz I didn't want to lose points

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cp33ba/apex_ranked_and_hiding_players_won_first_place_in/

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