Apex really needs to add the ability to turn items into crafting materials.

Yesterday I opened a crate and received Revenant’s unholy beast skin. I have plenty of items that I don’t really care for but this is the first I will never use. The overtly satanic imagery of the skin makes me too uncomfortable to use it. I contacted EA support asking if I could exchange the item for another or even materials, knowing full well it was a long shot. I was informed that nothing could be done, which I understand.

BUT it does bring to light something that Apex really needs.. the ability to convert items to crafting materials. It doesn’t even have to be a straight swap, they can use Hearthstones method of giving you half of what the item would cost to craft. Having your legendary timer reset by an item you don’t like, or in this case an item you don’t feel comfortable using, just kind of sucks.

Plus could finally make use of all those sweet sweet legendary banners I keep getting out of my battle pass gold crates. 😂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hiandv/apex_really_needs_to_add_the_ability_to_turn/

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