Apex’s inconsistencys

I don't understand how inconsistent apex games are. One game the audio is good and no bugs and I play with that for a bit then I get off for like 30 minutes and get back on to litterly 0 sounds and brand new bugs. I've been playing caustic cause I got his heirloom(good job on that it's sick) for example today I was playing right as I woke up and the sever was extremely laggy like everyone was lagging around but the sound was perfect footsteps were on point I knew where people were coming from and who it was. I have this laggy servers for about 10 minutes untill my game crashes 3 times each time was a different reason ( all in the same game btw) so then I get off for about an hour to do some chores. I come back and the first game me and my mates play the sound is god awful can't tell if it's up or down or too my left or right and there's no gun sounds. So I restarted and it was still like that. then I started noticing that people weren't taking damage to my gas even though they are directly in it. Then the same with thermite grenades. So I then restart again, then I have okay sound but even more bugs for caustic now when I swing my hammer it goes through someone, and now I'm getting alot of no regs. At this point I rage quit. All this happened with in like 5 hours. I'm so confused on how bad the game is sometimes. On the bright side the arts team is doing amazing keep it up. If anyone feels the same tell me!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/j89axc/apexs_inconsistencys/

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