Are all the legends Simulacrums?

Me and a buddy of mine have been talking, basically we've come to the idea that maybe all the Legends are Simulacrums, or is it simulacra? Anyways, point is we were thinking maybe all of them have died already and that Hammond is using these characters over and over again un the games

Maybe not all the Legends but atleast most. When we were playing Rampart we noticed how she has a now infamous line that goes something like "They have a Rampart in their group" suggesting she knows there are other Ramparts in the game. People have dismissed this as her breaking the 4th wall. But then we remembered that in Ramparts trailer she seemingly survived her shops explosion? How? And then Blisk appears all of the sudden and invites her? Furthermore when Blisk invites Titanfall's 2 main protagonist he also invites him to the games moments after he also basically left him to die, why? Are the Apex games a series of games where already dead people get spawned and Respawned for the enjoyment of some people? Was it made more ethical and entertaining by making this heroes basically fight over and over again?

Reminder, Simulacrum don't know they are Simulacrum unless their code gets fucked like Revenant, maybe they all find out as they are playing the games but then seemingly get their memories wyped after a game ends making them never know, Revenant introduced the idea of Hammond using Simulacrums for their own gains so I dont think its a stretch to think this

Any thoughts on this?


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