Are event skins overpriced?

Alright – I understand this is a free-to-play game and I appreciate that aspect of it. This alone makes spending money on cosmetics in this game more justifiable, at least for me. The problem is that most of the skins in this game ridiculously expensive. From what I’ve seen, most Legendary event skins are $25. This is the cost of whole new game.

Does anyone know why Respawn does this? I would think if event skins were closer to something like $10-12 each, many more people would buy them, certainly more than twice as many as when they’re $25 each. I probably would have bought 4-5 event skins at this point in the game had they been cheaper, but seeing a skin for $25 just makes me not want to even give EA my money. It almost feels predatory to offer limited time skins and charge outrageously for them.

What do you think? Are event skins too expensive? Are heirlooms too expensive/difficult to acquire? Do you agree with my assessment or am I just a whining poor boy?


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