Are other people experiencing a huge increase in toxic behavior (not necessarily comms) in ranked matchmaking?

The title sort of sums up my observations and was curious if other people are seeing it or if I'm just being overly sensitive. When I say toxic, I don't necessarily mean voice comms or things people say but how they play the game itself. Stuff like early disconnects (pre-jump so your squad technically starts off with two people and you don't get Loss Forgiveness as a result), rage quitting after dying immediately after landing, and what I'm seeing a lot of lately; people solo jumping when they are not jump master and then going someplace the other two aren't going and dying and then disconnecting. The frustrating outcome of this behavior is that it becomes extraordinarily difficult to move through the ranking system if you're loosing points 4 out of 5 games. Made it halfway into Plat 3, only to slide back into Plat 4 because of six consecutive games with 1 or more of the above behaviors. Again, this is XBL so maybe PC/PS4 users are having a different experience….


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