Armor meta needs to change #rant ( and no ttk is not the reason ) # care package armor

I don't mind them lowering the ttk but having to do 500 damage just to get to 100hp considering you already have a purple evo is just dumb . You can't armor swap purple to another because you are putting yourself in most scenario in a disadvantage in getting to the red . Even the gold armor feels wack as you still have to use 2 cells to fully charge it . I have an idea that could make the armor meta better atleast in my opinion and i would like to know what you like better.

It seems respawn's solution to op guns is to put them in the care package we have seen this happen to the devo pk and now the r99 so why not Move the lvl5 evo (100hp) to the care package and give it a perk it already has the same color as the carepackage weapons so why not (perk :siphon; restore 50 shield points apon kill )
Make the gold an evo lvl4 that has 100hp and the and the same perk it has now
Vaules for evo lvls
Lvl0 -> lvl1(white) (50 damage needed) (25hp)
Lvl1-> lvl2 (blue) (100 damage needed)(50hp)
Lvl2->lvl3 (purple) (200 damage needed) (75hp)
Lvl3-> lvl4 (gold) ( 400 damage needed )(100hp)+current perk (or a different one if you have a good idea for it )
Crafting : increase cost to 75 but grants 200 evo points

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