Balancing Executions

My biggest problem with the executions in apex is that some characters have a straight advantage when using it to fill shields mid fight

Wraith is pretty hard to hit during her Existential Crisis finisher, and other finishers with the same mobility have the same advantage (like octanes default, or the mirage one where he changes places with a clone)

On the other side, gibby and caustic stay still during theirs, and are much easier to knock out of their executions

I know the devs can’t just speed up some executions to be on the same level as other executions. My idea to fix this is have a standard execution that stays the same across all characters, that isn’t flashy but is fairly fast, so if you want to sacrifice a fancy finisher for a competitive advantage that all characters have access to you can.

I imagine this idea has some issues, and the reason it wouldn’t be added is likely to prevent it from trivializing knockdown shields even further. I just hate that some characters have an advantage over others when it comes to executions.


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