Ban system for quitting on ranked games

Well it’s the title says it all.

As in other competitive FPS games you should get banned for queue whenever you leave a game with some odds to win, that means, messing with others opportunity, fun and the whole purpose of a ranking game

If you leave 2 times on less than 24 hours then you’ll receive a warning for leaving games, so you can notice that whenever you play a team game you should play as a team.
If you leave 3 times on 24 hours, then a 3 hr ban from competitive games.
Then you’ll be marked as a potential leaver for 14 days, if you leave much as 3 times on this 14 days you’ll be 24 hour banned from competitive games. If after those 24 hours you do the same for 3 games, then 48 hours, then 96 hours, then a week, then another week and always would be a week.

How do you take away the potential leaver mark? Completing 14 days without any warning for leaving after receiving it.

If any of your teammates early leave the game or didn’t make it to the queue then you can leave and no warning would be warranted to your account.

Also, people who’s tagged as potential leaver should be expecting longer queues, queues with potential leavers as well and decrease of their rank due to their actions, they can take away points or even the rank.

You can play regular apex games without any issue, this would be ONLY for ranked games. If apex would even consider to be a top game, and there’s no solos or duos, then team rules should be tight and strict to avoid people who enjoy messing with others fun stay away from the game and get back to salty springs.


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