Bangalore Buff / Rework Ideas (This is a REPOST)

Bangalore has been one of the most balanced but kind of underwhelming legend when it comes to team play in Apex, she's great for solo players but for a team, her tactical and ult can do more harm than good in a lot of situations in the hands of an average player. Here are some ideas I have for her to be in line with other legends in the current meta. Her kit should be something like this in my opinion:


A) Double Time: When sprinting, Bangalore will gain a 40% boost to her movement speed (30% if walking) if she is shot at or near most detonating ordnances for a brief time. (Essentially add 10% to the existing 30% movement speed buff she gets).

*40% bonus movement speed to keep her in line with Bloodhound's Ultimate and Octane's tactical, I don't think this would be too broken since she doesn't have her passive up all the time like Octane or Bloodhound when he downs multiple targets in his ultimate.

B) Professional Soldier: Bangalore has reduced reload times on all weapons.

*This is pretty self explanatory since she literally knows everything about every single weapon in the game and annoys us with detailed explanations for every weapon, additionally, in her lore, she manages to take a Peacekeeper apart and install a Precision Choke hop-up on it and put it back together in under 20 seconds while blind folded, like holy shit lmao. If this turns out to be a problem, maybe reduced reload times on all emptied weapons would be a better alternative.


-Smoke Launcher: Fires a smoke canister to create a wall of smoke.

*I think 3 charges on her tactical would be really good instead of 2 with a slight increase in cooldown per charge, or increase the duration and the width of the smoke wall exponentially and keep it at 2 charges.

Ultimate: (Here's where things get interesting and flexible)

-Creeping Barrage: Bangalore calls in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

*Here are my thoughts to buff this ability:

What I think should be constant about this ability:

Bangalore's Double Time gets activated when running through Creeping Barrage (would be nice if they make specific voicelines for that). This should make her more of an "offensive powerhouse" as said in her Legend trailer to make her the super aggro engage/disengage kiting character. Also, her ultimate SHOULD NOT slow down her teammates since it covers so much ground, this alone makes it only good for zoning / 3rd partying (3PS SUCK) fights without fully committing and Bangalore's role is supposed to be "an offensive powerhouse".

Missile projectile speed, damage and manual detonation adjustments:

*These ideas can be mixed and matched with each other, in the end I'm not a game designer so I don't know how well this would workout balance-wise, nonetheless, here are my thoughts:

A) Buff rocket damage from 40 to 50, reduce spacing between rockets and give her the ability to detonate on command by re-pressing the ultimate button in a certain window, if the user doesn't press the button then it detonates on the timer we're all used to.

B) Keep it as is but increase the maximum range of the ability, make the rockets land faster and if a rocket hits an opponent, they get tagged (think Sonar Scan) for 10 seconds. This should give the ability some threatening power. Additionally, Bangalore gains a smoke canister cooldown refund per enemy hit.

Let me know what you think about this, if you liked this post please consider upvoting it, devs and mods are always on the lookout for the community's thoughts and I think if we can make them see this, they might get inspired by some concepts here and rework her. Thank you for making it so far :).

Note: It really really really sucks when someone just downvotes the post and not state why they disagree or just type "no" when this could be actually helpful to the game and maybe if the devs see this post they can put reworking her into consideration but what can I do when this post can't even get seen, it's sad really.


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