Bangalore changes idea to make her have more team value and direct combat capability

Now this first idea may be a little overpowered, but what if Bangalore’s smokes were electric smoke? Like in titanfall 2 we see electric smoke grenade so it isn’t far fetched for her to have them in her smoke launcher. We wouldn’t want them to deal loads of damage or she might outshine caustic in someways, (longer deploy range, smoke comes out way faster etc.) but what if they did like 1 or 2 damage so that yeah, you don’t want to lose health from it but it’s not dealing massive damage, but what if when you smoke teammates it gives them a 20% speed boost for say 4 seconds and for Bangalore 15% for 4 seconds with an increased cooldown time. And maybe a slight passive buff or rework? An idea that I’ve had is a passive, military training or something. She keeps double time but reloads rifles and shotguns faster. I know some of these ideas are pretty stupid and I’m almost certain none of them will ever reach even concept in the game but what do you think?


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