Be A Team or Dont play the game.

I have been playing Apex Legends all of 23/6/2020 and every game i have played got recorded. Now the reason i write this is because every game i have played has had the same thing over and over which is players leaving every single time especially when they die, now Apex Legends has respawn beacons that can bring back fallen team but no they don't want to be revived but quit to go play in another match.

i had sent a message to someone for not being a team player and most of it was (*******) starred out as i was fuming at a team player who had left and came back but to dissappear to somewhere else on the the map but clearly watched me to see where i was going only to be a unsporting player and not be a team player. Now this player reported my message for violation which it was not a violation as he decided to not be a team player but to be a solo player which apex does not have. Now what i want to see is players who leave team based multiplayer games should be banned for leaving before the whole team has died as this would make players realise that quitting early is wrong and doesnt get any form of enforcement to it.

the reason for these below it to remind people all about Teams, Teamwork.

  1. Definition of teamwork: the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient.

  2. Definition of Teamplayer: A team player is a person who plays or works well as a member of a team or group. Teams in organizations need strong team players to perform well and reach their goals.

this is true when i say that: Players who are knocked down in game can be revived by their squadmates. Should a player be killed completely they can still be Respawned if their team member(s) collect their respawn banner, which appears at the place where they died and bring it to one of several beacons on the island. The banner, however, must be collected within a time limit, before expiring and fully eliminating the player.

All i ask is that if you play a game thats team based then play the full game if you do go down then give your team a chance before leaving as its not a fair game for everyone else who does play as team and does want to recover team mates and to play as a team. just remenber that eveyone needs to play as a team together you dont see a football player who is a striker go a stand in the goal thinking hes the goalkeeper when they already have that player in the goal so if you want to play as a team the stick as a team dont run solo in a Team Game.


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